When I decided to become vegan it was a slow process removing all animal protein and finding new and tasty replacements. The journey was challenging but it forced me to be more creative in the kitchen.  Coming from an Italian background I needed to reinvent all my traditional Italian dishes without sacrificing taste.  I embraced the challenge and 6 years later I have not looked back.  The plant based lifestyle has opened new doors for me. I discovered fruits and vegetables I would have never tried and experimented with spices I would have never used in any of my previous dishes.  I still get excited with every dish I create and my family loves it.

Wanting to create healthier meals was important but I was ready to focus on other aspects of my home as well.  After researching natural home solutions we removed toxic cleaning products and replaced them with new formulated solutions.  I studied the labels on all our cleaning products, soaps, moisturizers and even mosquito sprays.  I was on a mission. You could say I had become a little obsessed with eliminating as many toxic products from my home as I could. I’ve become so passionate about a healthier lifestyle that I want to share what I’ve discovered during my research.  This is how Carla’s No Place Like Home was born.  I must admit blogging is a lot of fun!  Since I started this blog I have met so many people from around the world who share the same concerns as I do and they too have made lifestyle changes for their own reasons.   I hope you feel the same and join the Happy House community! 

Carla McGrath