I still remember the hype when the year turned 2020.  Everyone was anticipating great things to come, after all isn’t 20/20 perfect vision?  Who would have ever thought a horrible virus was upon us and that it would change our lives so quickly?  Although I have great faith that this too shall pass I believe it will be a memory that will linger in our minds forever.  Covid-19 lockdown gave me great pause and I, for one, enjoyed the time at home with my family.  I did all the usual things around my home, but with mindfulness, not in a quick whirlwind to “get it done” because my weekends are on a time clock.  It was lovely to have that time and it reminded me not to take the simple things in life for granted.

There was certainly more time than usual to do some online shopping and I discovered some wonderful items that have worked well for me.  So without further ado I am delighted to share my top 5 finds of 2020!!!

Tofu press:  Yarkor Brand

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When I started to include tofu in my diet I was using breadboards, plates and heavy books as my makeshift tofu press and it was a mess!  I finally made the decision to invest in this tofu press and I’m so happy I did.  What a game changer it’s been!  It’s a press and storage container all in one and it does an amazing job.  I encourage you to make this life changing $21.99 investment.


Ladies Vegan Harlow Boots – Canadian Brand

Click HERE to visit site.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and say goodbye to your leather footwear, then you may want to check out Harlow’s vegan boot line.  I’m that girl who wouldn’t dream of buying any footwear online but when I saw these cute vegan boots and their price, $42.50, I couldn’t resist.

I was shocked I didn’t have to break these babies in like all my previous leather footwear.  Two words to describe these boots, comfortable and affordable!  You can purchase them through Blackwell Shoes or Boathouse.  You will not be sorry.

Unfortunately, it appears that Harlow does not have a men’s vegan footwear line but Blackwell does.


Antik Kraft vegan handbag collection

Click HERE to visit site.

This company, based out of L. A., makes a beautiful vegan bag and you can purchase it directly from the Antik Kraft site, but be prepared to pay a handsome price for it.   There are discount stores that will carry it for a reasonable price.   Nordstrom-Poshmark will carry it or if you’re like me and love a good shopping hunt then keep your eyes peeled when you’re in Winners where I picked mine up for a fraction of the price, $30.00.  I get so many compliments on this bag and it’s hard to believe its vegan!!


 Juice Plus+ Omega Blend Supplements

Place your order with Max, a senior partner at Juice Plus+

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How difficult is it to find an omega 3 without fish oil?  Well, look no further!  Juice Plus+ has a wonderful omega blend product that you should check out.

It’s 100% plant-based in a vegan capsule containing a blend of algae oil, pomegranate seed oil, sea buckthorn berry oil and safflower oil.

For Canadians it’s $38.75 per month and, I believe, worth every penny.  They can be purchased in a 4-month supply.  I love not having to remember to order them as they come automatically to my home, so convenient.


Moo Free Chocolate Bars

Visit site:  HERE

If your vegan sweet tooth is demanding attention this vegan/gluten-free chocolate bar, made in Britain, will satisfy the craving.  Tired of dark chocolate?  Moo Free has the perfect collection of tasty milk chocolate bars without the dairy and completely worth the price, $6.49 for a 100-gram bar.  I personally love the fruit and nut bar, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.  I’ve only been able to find it in Bulk Barn stores in my area but check out their website, you’ll love the selection, and the packaging is oh, so cute!

I do not get a commission for endorsing any of these products.  I just want to share my fabulous finds!



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