I love watching those awesome renovation shows on television where they take a bordered up shack and make it into a beautiful mansion.  Ok, maybe I’m over- exaggerating, but it really is amazing what they can do with so little.  In my younger years, I spent a lot of time hanging out in the magazine section of the drug store flipping through all the country home décor magazines.  I would fantasize about a long winding driveway that would lead to my gingerbread country house.  It would have a wrap around porch, the perfect flower beds and a huge kitchen with a big island where I would make my own bread. Yup, I could dream.  Even now I will stop and look at the magazine displays; after all, everything begins with a dream and an inspiration. I must confess I have never fallen for what was trendy.  I am a believer that your home is a reflection of who you are, what you value, and what is meaningful to you.  Sometimes, none of those things are popular and that’s just fine.  Designing and creating a space is not solely about décor. What you use in your home is a reflection of your beliefs.  Anything from choosing cleaning products, storage solutions or even disposing of unwanted items is part of your style.  Basically how you organize your home is also your style whether you are aware of it or not.

Have you ever given any thought to the cleaning products you use in your home routinely??  The chemicals in your favourite cleaning products may contain harmful contaminants and rough surfactants that may be causing harm to your home and your family. There have been studies that show the long-term impact of exposure to these harsh products. Some products can irritate and damage skin and cause hormone disruption as well as cellular, liver and kidney damage. Making a change may seem like quite a project but let me help you make the transition.  It’s not as difficult as you think and you will be happy knowing that not only will you be providing your family with a healthier, non-toxic home but you will be participating in reducing those nasty, toxic cleaning products that are harming our environment as well. 

I am passionate about creating a non-toxic home for my family and have made it my mission to develop natural products. I hope you will try some of the recipes I have offered in my free E-book. These DIY products are safe, affordable, and so easy to make.  

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