Sprouts are considered a great power food and can easily be incorporated into any dish.  Sprouting is a process where beans, lentils, alfalfa, clover, radishes, broccoli, sunflowers and peas (these are the most common) are germinated making them a nutritional powerhouse!  Add them to your soups, stir-fry, salads, wraps, sandwiches and many other dishes.  Such an easy way to get a good hit of magnesium, protein, phosphorus, folate, vitamins C and K.

Sprouts can be quite costly at your local grocery, but did you know they can be grown all year round right in your home?  Chris, our Master Gardener, has written an easy step by step guide to assist you with this worthwhile project.

During this time of year when the ground is still frozen and we long for fresh greens, why not try sprouts!  Sprouts are nutritious, delicious and easy to do.  This method can be practiced all year long

What you’ll need:

  • 2 large mouth mason jars
  • Sprouting lids from Lee Valley.
  • Organic sprout blend (health food store –  I used clover, alfalfa, radish and mustard seeds blend)







1)   Using a clean wide mouth mason jar, measure 1-2 tbsp of seeds into it.  Screw on sprouting lid.  Fill with cool water (to cover seeds) overnight.  Place on counter out of direct light. In the morning, drain well through the holes in the sprouting lid and replace the water, then drain again.





Roll the jar on its side so the seeds will coat the sides of the jar.  Lay the jar on its side on your counter, out of direct sunlight and away from any obvious heat source.  Every morning and evening, repeat by adding cool water, draining through the holes in the lid and rolling the jar so the seeds will coat the sides.




2)  In approximately 5-7 days you will have sprouts to enjoy on sandwiches, wraps and salads!







When seeds have finished sprouting, remove from jar and rinse in a colander, drain on a paper towel and store in your fridge in closed container.  Consume within 5 day.




3)  Repeat with the other lid a few days after you have started, so you can continue to have fresh sprouts.  Kids can enjoy doing this activity too!


Photos by:  Chris Hamilton


If you need a quick meal for lunch or dinner, then pea and sprout soup is a wonderful and nutritious option!   Rich in antioxidants this soup is so quick to make, you’ll be serving it up in 30 minutes.

Antioxidants strengthen your immune system; reduce the risk of many diseases including heart and some cancers so the benefits are a big bonus.

I have given you a pressure cook option and a stove top option.  Either one will have you serving this up so fast it will become one of your favourites.



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