Is it just me or are there a whole lot more mosquitoes this summer than usual???   There is nothing worse than fighting off mosquitoes when gardening or just enjoying a leisurely evening on the deck or patio.  I hate the idea of spraying myself with any nasty chemical sprays. I’ve tried many different natural solutions, but this formula has given the best results.  I use a blend of high quality essential oils as part of the formula.  

I do get asked many times what essential oils are my  favourite and I have to admit DoTerra is always my first choice.  I do use Aura Cacia as well.  When selecting your essential oils be careful to read the labels as all oils are not created equal.  Some products have added ingredients or the product is synthetic.  Look for the label that reads “pure”.

I’m pretty proud of this blend.   Not one nibble since I’ve been applying it, but you need to reapply every half hour.  Please do not use this on children, it’s far too strong for their skin.

In a spritzer bottle add:

30 drops citronella essential oil

20 drops lavender essential oil

20 drops geranium essential oil

10 drops of lemon essential oil

10 drops tea tree essential oil

10 drops eucalyptus essential oil

10 drops rosemary essential oil

3 teaspoons of rubbing alcohol

1/2 cup almond oil or witch hazel (I prefer witch hazel)

1/2 cup vinegar

Give the bottle a good shake and apply.  

*Just a side note, lavender essential oil is one of the only oils  that can be applied directly to a mosquito bite to reduce itching and inflammation.



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