My vision for Carla’s No Place Like Home has always been to provide my subscribers with the ultimate guide for ways to, “eat healthy, live healthy and create a happy home”. With this in mind, I am so excited to introduce two wonderful additions to our Happy House family, Chris and Marcia.  Both ladies are Master Gardeners who will offer advice and tips to assist you with your gardening needs.

If you have aspirations to start an organic garden or just have some gardening concerns and need some direction, please forward all your questions to Chris and Marcia.  They would love to help!  You can reach out to them through our website email at:  Carla@carlasnoplacelikehome.com.  This is a free service offered only to our loyal subscribers!

If you have family members, friends, neighbours or co-workers who are interested in gardening or are struggling to maintain one please let them know our Happy House is here to help!

Chris Hamilton

Hello and Welcome!  I’m Chris, a Master Gardener.  Master Gardeners are a volunteer organization found in several countries overseas, most U.S states and across Canada.  In Ontario, there are 31 chapter groups and I have been a member since 2001.  I enjoy sharing my love of plants with others!

My own home garden is located in Zone 5b and is characterized by cold winters, rain in the spring, a humid summer and if lucky a nice warm fall.  With climate change, its sometimes difficult to predict the weather.  This makes gardening an adventure every year with unexpected successes and failures!

My background includes many years in the health care field as a clinician and educator, a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education and certification as a Master Gardener.  Health has always been very important to me and a healthy lifestyle incorporating healthy eating and exercise.  Fresh foods from the garden help me achieve my goals in health!  Gardening is a wonderful low impact exercise and the reward is eating fresh with optimal flavours.  Gardening can be traditional with a garden bed outside, large or small.   A garden can be in containers on a terrace or patio, or indoors!  All of this is possible with the right equipment, environment and a dedication to our plants.

Please join me as we explore some simple gardening pleasures.  My role is to educate you so you can enjoy fresh, organic foods from your own garden.

Marcia Barron

Hello! I’m Marcia, a lover of plants, the earth in which they grow, and the wonderful healthy food that can come from plants we grow.  

I live and garden in the Niagara region of Ontario, so that puts me in Zone 6B/7, but I have lived and gardened in much colder and hotter regions too. 

In my decades of gardening, I’ve been a garden designer and builder, Nursery employee, speaker and volunteer, as a Master Gardener, in addition to creating and growing my own home gardens. 

My special interests include growing from seed, vegetable and fruit gardening, lavender, composting and growing organically, and growing plants that attract birds and pollinators to the garden. 

I love sharing what I know and I’m always learning too, because that is a lifetime pursuit. I look forward to sharing our interest and passion in growing!




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