I am thrilled to introduce our very own in-house nutritionist, Brianna Poirier.  Brianna has been plant-based for many years and understands some of the challenges we face.  She will be sharing her own vegan/plant-based lifestyle journey and personal struggles.  What an outstanding addition to our Happy House Community and I’m so excited to have her on our team!  Welcome Brianna!

Brianna recently completed her Masters of Science degree in Applied Human Nutrition at the University of Guelph. While completing a Bachelor’s degree in Health Studies at Queen’s University, Brianna developed an interest in food security and sustainability which led her to pursue a thesis project focused on Indigenous food sovereignty in Canada. Through the utilization of community based participatory research, Brianna worked with an Indigenous community on Vancouver Island to develop an exploratory qualitative project to investigate the community’s understanding of food security and document traditional food values. Broadly, Brianna’s research interests relate to the impact social determinants of health have on population health trends and inequalities. Specifically, her area of focus is on how local environments (social, physical, political) and food choice shape one’s health and the ways in which community-based interventions can impact these decisions. After completing school, Brianna moved to Australia and began working at the University of Adelaide Indigenous Oral Health Unit. Brianna will be commencing her PhD this summer, in the area of Health & Medical Sciences.

The wealth of knowledge Brianna offers is available to you, our Happy House subscribers.

If you have any topics you would like Brianna to address or questions you would like to ask, there will be a category available on the home page you can click on called, “ask our nutritionist” and you can reach out to her through our website email at:  Carla@carlasnoplacelikehome.com.

Brianna is an invaluable resource and she is here to assist you!   What a unique opportunity to learn new and helpful information and get some great adviceDon’t miss out!  Subscribe today!  

If you have family members, friends, neighbours or co-workers who are interested in beginning a plant-based lifestyle or are struggling to maintain one please let them know our Happy House is here to help!

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